WIPO Member States Adopt Historic New Treaty on Intellectual Property, Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge

Geneva, May 24, 2024PR/2024/919 WIPO member states today approved a groundbreaking new Treaty related to intellectual property (IP), genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge, marking a historic breakthrough that capped decades of negotiations. A number of successes were achieved in the final version, including reference to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the commitment to achieving …

COLT member Tribes discuss funding levels, buffalo restoration in D.C.

Chairman Weatherwax

Representatives from COLT Tribes have emphasized the urgent need for increased funding from Congress to support the expansion and maintenance of their criminal justice systems, nearly four years after the landmark McGirt v. Oklahoma ruling. Testifying before a House appropriations subcommittee, tribal leaders highlighted the inadequacy of current funding levels to address the repercussions of the Supreme Court decision, particularly …

COLT member Tribes attend United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

April 15. 2024 The Coalition of Large Tribes attended the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 23rd session. Our Chairman, Marvin Weatherwax, Jr. was able to speak on multiple issues along with Bay Mills Indian Community President Whitney Gravelle, and Judge Greg Bigler (Euchee). Leadership held a joint meeting with officials from the State Department and the Department of …

RFK Jr. says he’d release Leonard Peltier from prison (Media Share from X)

April 2, 2024 This media share from Jennifer Bendery on X highlights the topic of releasing Leonard Peltier from prison. RFK Jr. met briefly with the Coalition of Large Tribes in March 2024 and brought up this same commitment. We appreciate Jennifer highlighting this urgent issue, original post can be found below:

Blackfeet Nation honors Lily Gladstone with stand-up headdress

March 26, 2024 The Coalition of Large Tribes was in attendance for the honoring of Lily Gladstone on the Blackfeet Reservation at the new arbor. Marvin Weatherwax, Chairman of COLT, was able to offer congratulations to Lily Gladstone. Background: Actress Lily Gladstone, adorned in traditional attire, was honored on the Blackfeet Reservation as tribal elders bestowed upon her a stand-up …

Becerra v. San Carlos Apache Tribe and Northern Arapaho Tribe oral arguments attended by COLT

Supreme Court

March 25, 2024 The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments today in Becerra v. San Carlos Apache Tribe and Northern Arapaho Tribe, regarding self-determination contracts between tribes and the Indian Health Service. The outcome will clarify the meaning of “contract support costs” in a series of cases heard by the court over the last 20 years. Many thanks to Warm …

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – COLT requesting a SCIA hearing

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

March 20, 2024 Today is National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. COLT recently met and sent a letter requesting a SCIA hearing on this issue. Letter shown below: There are resources available at the NCUIH website: HIV and STI – NCUIH.  There is also an open grant funding opportunity on this: grants.gov/search-results-detail/349051. 

COLT participates in Congressional Charter Signing Ceremony for National American Indian Veterans

National American Indian Veterans Charter - US Senate Photo by Ryan Donnell

Official U.S. Senate photo provided by Ryan Donnell. The Coalition of Large Tribes attended the Congressional Charter Signing Ceremony for National American Indian Veterans (NAIV) on March 14th, 2024. Chairman Weatherwax, Treasurer White Pipe, Chairman LeBeau and Michaela Red Cherries attended a special Congressional Ceremony in Washington, DC honoring veterans.  Chairman Weatherwax offered the opening prayer.  Associate Member Eastern Band …