We Invite All Large Land Based Tribes

Las Vegas

December 8-9, 2023

Our next quarterly meeting will be held at the New York New York in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our multi-day agenda will be coming soon. We would encourage to book a room as soon as possible, you can call the New York New York at (702)740-6822 (use code TLXYCNN) or register online at New York New York Room Registration  

To learn more about this meeting please email OJ SEMANS, SR. at

COLT Members

We want to give you an opportunity to see the issues we address as large land-based Tribes that are not being addressed by any other organizations, such as transportation, healthcare and voting rights. COLT played an active role  in changing the American Rescue Plan Act from NAHASDA population numbers to utilizing tribal enrollment numbers.
Coalition of Large Tribes

Membership MeetingsAllows the member tribes to form synergy.

Learn About Membership

  • Chairman: Marvin Weatherwax – Blackfeet Nation, Councilman
  • Vice-Chairman: Ching King  – Fort Belknap, Councilman
  • Secretary: Nathan Small – Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, Council Member
  • Treasurer: Lisa White Pipe – Rosebud Sioux, Tribal Council