Executive Director of COLT featured on Native America Calling (Media Share) for Native Voting Access

OJ Semans, Sr of COLT featured on Native America Calling

On December 20th the Executive Director of the Coalition of Large Tribes, OJ Semans, Sr., was featured on an episode of Native America Calling. Please listen to this relevant story about the Voting Rights Act.

Native America Calling: Native Voting Access Story (MEDIA SHARE)

A federal appeals court ruling is prompting a review of some previous decisions in favor of tribes seeking redistricting or ballot access changes. The recent decision by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals limits who can sue under the landmark Voting Rights Act. We’ll check on selected access and redistricting cases, including a redistricting case involving North Dakota tribes and a ballot drop-box initiative in Arizona, that indicate how Native voting access could change.


Jacqueline De León (Isleta Pueblo), senior attorney for the Native American Rights Fund 

OJ Semans Sr (Rosebud Sioux), co-executive director of Four Directions Native Vote

Michelle Sparck (Qissunamiut Tribe of Chevak, Alaska), director of strategic initiatives at Get Out the Native Vote

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