COLT Applauds Confirmation of Patrice Kunesh as Commissioner of the Administration for Native Americans, Department of Health and Human Services

Patrice Kunesh

March 8, 2023

Browning, Montana – The Coalition of Large Tribes, an inter-tribal organization representing the interests of the more than 50 Indian Tribes having reservations of 100,000 acres or more and 95% of the U.S. tribal land base, applauds the Senate’s confirmation of the nomination of Patrice Kunesh of Minnesota to be Commissioner of the Administration for Native Americans, Department of Health and Human Services. 

Ms. Kunesh has devoted herself to a life of public service to American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians.  She is deeply committed to protect tribal sovereignty, preserve Native American culture, language and tradition and building brighter futures for Native American communities.

Therefore the Coalition of Large Tribes are applauding the US Senators, especially those Senators within the COLT territories that made this possible.

Ms. Kunesh is eminently qualified to serve in this important role, having worked in rural development and to uplift indigenous communities in a variety of subject-matter areas throughout her impressive career as a lawyer and policy advocate.  

“Quite simply, we have the utmost confidence in Patrice Kunesh to bring people together and help the Native community work through trauma healing and establish strong foundations and build up institutions for sustainable economic development.  Today COLT applauds the Biden-Harris Administration and the Senate for her confirmation,” said Marvin Weatherwax, COLT Chairman and a member of the Blackfeet Nation Tribal Business Council.

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