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Coalition of Large Tribes to hold meeting on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON—The Coalition of Large Tribes (COLT) will hold its Winter Legislative meeting on February 12 at the National Indian Gaming Stanley R. Crooks Tribal Leaders Conference Center on Capitol Hill. Tribal leaders from 12 nations will be in town to discuss a range of issues including public safety, transportation, education, Indian Health Service hospitals, and tribal infrastructure projects on Indian lands. COLT is a partnership of federally recognized tribes whose land base is larger than 100,000 acres.

Current COLT leadership is comprised of the COLT Chairman Russell Begaye- Navajo Nation President, COLT Vice Chairman Harold Frazier- Cheyenne-River Sioux Chairman, COLT Treasurer Marcus Coby- Shoshone Bannock Secretary, and COLT Secretary David Browneagle-Spokane Tribe Vice Chairman.

Original Story from Native News Online
Published December 10, 2016
LAS VEGAS – On December 9, President Russell Begaye was elected as the chairman of the Coalition of Large Tribes (COLT). As the chairman for this new coalition, President Begaye will be instrumental in voicing the concerns of the COLT at a national level.
In President Begaye’s acceptance speech, he stated, “We will utilize our networks to advocate on behalf of the common interests of the large tribes. We share many of the same concerns – I look forward to continuing our fight for tribal sovereignty and protecting our treaties.”
President Begaye’s vision for COLT is to bring in new members and build upon the organization’s foundation of work. This will include hiring staff, working with the new presidential transition team, supporting critical infrastructure and promoting economic development. COLT also passed a resolution in support of the consensus-based decisions made by tribes to address undisbursed Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) funds and opposing any rider language being added into appropriations bills. COLT’s agenda continued on with legislative updates on the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) regulations, a legislative update and discussion about the next presidential administration.
President Begaye went on to provide his thanks to outgoing Chairman Darin Old Coyote of the Crow Tribe, “Thank you for your work and time to propel COLT forward.”
COLT will reconvene in February for their quarterly meeting in Washington, D.C. Coordination with the presidential transition team will be vital to establish a good working relationship not only for the Navajo Nation, but to all COLT member tribes.